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TruCheck Model 101 Series
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TruCheck Model 101 Series - Offline Linear Barcode Verification

For printers who want to verify linear bar codes, the TruCheck Model 101 barcode verifier is the correct choice.  Symbologies such as UPC's are the most common linear symbologies.  UPC's are used on a majority of the products that are purchased in stores. 

Product Information/Reporting:

TruCheck is simply the most accurate bar code verifier on the market!  If you are tired of the inconsistent results that hand-held verifiers produce, TruCheck is the system for you!

TruCheck is the first and only verifier to provide automatic 10 scan ANSI grading.  Simply place your bar code sample on the platform and touch one button.  The laser moves over the entire bar code from top-to-bottom - providing 10 scan ANSI grading.  A report is then generated instantly - providing the operator the diagnostic information.  The report includes all 9 ANSI parameters and the Scan Reflectance Profile.

To see an example and explanation of the linear report, click here.

Automatic hands-free scanning combined with fixed speed and focal distance, guarantees true ANSI readings time and time again.  Results are extremely repeatable since any chance of operator error is removed.

Other Special Features Include:

Film Negatives - to confrim Bar Width Reduction prior to platemaking
Auto Discrimination - recognizes the code symbology automatically
FREE Software Upgrades - TruCheck systems are never obsolete!
Save Every Scan - pass data to a PC or Laptop via the RS-232 output


For added versatility the Model 101-R with Remote
Scanning head is now available.

The Remote Scanning Head allows you to take full advantage of TruCheck's features when working with full size press sheets. The moving laser is mounted inside the housing. The base unit is connected via a 6-foot cord allowing you to move to any bar code sample on the sheet.  Simply touch the trigger on the remote head for automatic 10 scan ANSI grading.

A Guide Plate for the Remote Scanning Head is available for the Model 101-R.  The guide plate keeps the sheet of bar codes flat so that the laser can properly grade the codes.  It is also helpful in centering the laser inside the bar code sample.  A wide variety of  "window" sizes are available to fit your application.

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