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The Encapsulated PostScript Format (EPS) graphic image file is one of the most widely used desktop publishing file formats for all kinds of images from photographs to logotypes to bar codes - and is compatible with almost all PostScript-based publishing and graphics composition software for both Macintosh and Windows systems. With a proper initial evaluation, routine precautions and appropriate equipment -- most importantly, an imaging device set to at least 2400 dots per inch - high-quality bar code symbols can be produced. However, since the output quality of any EPS graphic is also only as good as the software which created the image, care must be exercised to ensure the EPS file has been created accurately. Not all EPS bar code suppliers (or inexpensive off-the-shelf bar code software packages) use appropriate algorithms to minimize bar width rounding and other kinds of errors. Thus the need to work with an experienced and competent EPS bar code supplier, especially in a situation where there may be no final bar code verification process at the printer prior to printing. Learn more about bar code verification.

PIPS SoftMasters are precisely crafted EPS bar code images and represent the state-of-the-art in electronically composed bar code. Our special creation algorithms were developed based on PIPS' decades of experience in all areas of bar coding and refined as a result of years of extensive testing across the broadest range of output devices. SoftMaster EPS files are uniquely designed for optimal quality and conformance, whatever the resolution and precision of the output device; and PIPS, Inc. offers detailed EPS calibration evaluation, usually at no charge. EPS files can be sent anywhere via e-mail on a same-day basis.

For the fastest service when ordering bar codes, please follow these easy steps:

1) Download order form(s):

Bookland EAN Order Form (used for books)

UPC BIPAD Order Form (used for magazines)

UPC Product Order Form and Specification Sheet (all other products)

2) Download Credit Card Form

3) Fill in forms and fax to our Masters Fax at 212-410-7477, or you may email the completed forms to

If you are a new customer, we will call you to confirm your information and quote you a price before running your order.

Existing customers can expect the order to be fulfilled within one business day.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and helpful topics, please see below:

SoftMaster Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - including missing font issues

What colors, screens, tints, etc. can be used as background for the bars in the UPC symbol

UPC symbol truncation issues

Explanation of Bar Code Symbologies



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